3 Tips for Activating Creator Campaigns in the Metaverse

The metaverse has become an imaginative testing ground for online gaming, social media, and virtual and augmented reality. But as an emerging and largely unexplored medium, there’s a growing opportunity for brands to jump into the metaverse, too. With the metaverse market expected to continue skyrocketing in size and value—research predicts its value of $500[...] Learn More

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Hispanic Heritage Month Watch Guide

¡YA ES HORA! That’s right, it’s time to honor and celebrate Hispanic culture! In this month’s guide we highlight some of the latest and greatest Latin content—including tunes! We’ve also got you covered on all the upcoming releases and buzziest shows!

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AI Can’t Replicate Creativity—But It Can Improve It

In the world of influencer marketing, creative AI can aid both sides of the industry by enabling brands to reach their audiences while giving creators the freedom to focus on their craft. The result? Productive brand-creator relationships that generate more impactful content, driving better engagement and conversions across the board.

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Run ads or place products in-show? Both are best, research finds

Marketers have their choice of options when looking to appear front-and-center in video entertainment, whether that’s through buying ads on streaming services or getting their brands placed inside a series as product integrations. Here’s an idea: why not try both? Using both in-show product placements alongside traditional 30-second ads may be the best way to[...] Learn More

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Streamers Have Fallen for Digital Product Placement, but Buyers Aren’t Yet Sold

Traditional TV product placement takes months or even years to plan and execute. But with advancements in digital effects, almost anything is on the table—and Amazon is taking that sentiment literally. During its NewFronts presentation in May, Amazon showcased an example of M&M’s digitally appearing on a table in an episode of Prime Video’s series[...] Learn More

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