Frito-Lay receives millions of engaged views through music videos.



Frito-Lay sought to consistently speak to their younger consumer segments through young and relevant pop artists currently trending within the music world.


In 2019, BEN secured exposure in some of the hottest music video across three portfolio brands, including Flaming Hot Cheetos, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Nacho Cheese Doritos.

BEN strategically aligned each brand with different artists that fit individual brand personalities and reached their target demo (young, cool, hip). Each brand moment included premium hands-on moment with consumption with either the lead artist or prominent character within the scene.


To date, Frito-Lay has received over 123 million video views on their music video campaign. All the videos outperformed campaign guarantees resulting in over 500% over-delivery on views. In addition, the videos were received amazingly well among consumers, receiving over 1.6 million engagements.

The Lay's Integration in Venezuelan pop duo Chyno & Nacho's "Raro" video racked up over 23M views in the first 30 days and has over 57.5M to date. BEN Music Video Effectiveness Research showed that 79% of respondents had a more positive opinion of Lay's after watching the video and 91% considering purchasing.

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