For Proximo Spirits, Creator Trust Pays Off

By BEN Influencer Team 01/20/2022

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How did an unexpected Instagram story turn into a campaign’s best performing content?

Case Study at a Glance


Proximo Spirits is an alcoholic beverage importer and international distributor. 


Jersey City, NJ




AI platform capability to identify premium creators in key verticals (lifestyle, fashion, fitness, food & bev, travel); 
Highly accurate AI-generated performance predictions;
Existing relationships with desired creators.


Drive brand awareness and consideration for 1800 Cristalino, securing it as the preferred tequila for celebrations.
Raise awareness around 1800 Cristalino across key markets: California, Texas, New York/New Jersey and Florida.


Instagram (Posts, Stories, and Reels)


A Leap of Faith Leads to
High Engagement

Tequila is a key ingredient for any celebration—but not just any tequila. To establish 1800 Cristalino as the perfect drink for the most epic events, Proximo Spirits knew it needed to enlist the help of premium influencers who live the luxurious lifestyle that 1800 embodies. The brand teamed up with BEN to reach audiences in target markets, including California, Texas, and neighboring New York and New Jersey, and began building a campaign aimed at raising brand awareness and driving purchase consideration.

Proximo tasked influencers with developing Instagram content showcasing how they celebrated Cinco de Mayo with 1800 Cristalino, since the campaign launched just in time for the holiday. The company wanted high energy, a luxury feel, and an all-around good time. To pinpoint the right people to help achieve these goals, BEN used its artificial intelligence platform to analyze historical click-through rates and view predictions. The resulting list of 16 creators was a mix of influencers across geographies, including a name BEN had worked with on a past Proximo campaign: Benny Soliven.
Though Benny had a proven track record of success for the brand, Proximo wasn’t sure that the concept was right for the campaign, since Soliven’s content concept—posing as Bob Ross and painting a glass of tequila—deviated somewhat from the brand’s ask. 

Still, BEN stood by its recommendation and, thanks to a long-standing relationship built on trust and consistent overperformance, Proximo decided to trust the creator. And the decision paid off: Benny’s video became the best-performing piece of content from the campaign, with over 494K views on his Instagram story—exceeding predicted views by 13x. His story also generated 7,260 clicks, representing a 1.47% CTR.

Wins, Lessons, and Reasons to Celebrate

Benny’s content wasn’t the only impressive performance in the campaign. All around, content exceeded expectations. In addition to big-name creators like Benny, Melissa Gorga, and Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin, BEN secured a number of creators with smaller followings, all of whom delivered solid views and engagement. For example, E. Taylor, a creator with about 60K followers, earned a 16.52% engagement rate on her Reel, while her Story earned a 1.93% CTR.

Overall, the campaign yielded 22 pieces of content across Instagram Stories and Reels, for a total of 2.7 million views and almost 200K likes across seven days. The campaign click through rate—with viewers clicking through to Drizly, where 1800 Cristalino is available for purchase—was over 1%.  

As Proximo and BEN continue their relationship, both have many learnings to carry into their next collaboration. For one thing, BEN noted a natural affinity between the 1800 Cristalino brand and certain creators, such as Nastia Liukin, Ulysses Benitez, Emeraude Toubia, and others, since their content drove particularly high engagement. As Proximo pursues other goals for its premium tequila label, these creators will likely be top of the list. BEN also identified certain content patterns that delivered the best engagement, including videos featuring several influencers celebrating with fellow creators. This suggests that in future campaigns, tapping creators that have existing relationships with each other could spell greater success. 
With new reasons to celebrate always on the horizon, Proximo Spirits continues to explore opportunities to tout its tequila, with continued support from BEN. 







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