How Consistent ROI Drove BlendJet to Go All-In on Influencer

By BEN Influencer Team 03/30/2022

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How did a startup use influencers to generate over $1.7 million in revenue?

Case Study at a Glance


BlendJet, the pioneer of the original portable blender, is the fastest-growing blender brand in the world on a mission to make the healthy choice the most convenient choice for all.






Strategic partner in building influencer marketing campaigns that perfectly match company goals and budget.

Thorough testing and optimization to drive consistent ROI across campaigns

The Blueprint

Grow BlendJet’s audience and increase sales, targeting key demographics identified by BEN’s AI platform.

Design custom campaigns to support product launches.

Leverage BEN’s strategic expertise and creator network to continue to reach new, engaged audiences on an ongoing basis.

The Platforms

Instagram, YouTube


Mixing it Up to Reach
New Audiences

The BlendJet 2 helps people live longer, healthier lives by making healthy options more convenient, cost-effective, and fun—anytime, anywhere.  To grow its audience and boost sales, Blendjet invested in influencer marketing to target a fitness audience—the natural match for the brand’s health and wellness mission. BlendJet tapped BEN to build and execute the campaign.
When BEN kicked off its testing and optimizing period, however, the team made a critical discovery in the process: interest in BlendJet was much wider than the fitness community. In fact, the most engagement on Instagram Stories was actually coming from lifestyle and family creators who were using the product at home in their kitchen. 
From the testing phase, BEN built out a campaign model that would scale to meet BlendJet’s growth targets, adjusting the verticals, talking points, and mentions based on what was performing best. As a smaller startup company, BlendJet had a strict customer acquisition cost target. BEN’s initial campaign was able to outperform that target by the second month of the campaign. This proven ROI spurred BlendJet to increase its influencer marketing budget by 500%. 

Ongoing Performance Builds Trust—And Big Results

BEN’s ability to deliver consistent results laid the foundation for an ongoing partnership with BlendJet. When BEN anticipated that expanding beyond Instagram and exploring different verticals could drive more sales, BlendJet trusted BEN to facilitate a partnership with YouTube personality Philip DeFranco. Working with DeFranco and his news commentary program ended up driving over 1,000 sales, while also demonstrating that the product resonated with DeFranco’s predominantly male audience—a key insight that BEN was able to apply to another opportunity. 

In late 2020, BlendJet was ready to release its newest product—the BlendJet 2. Knowing it could successfully partner with lifestyle creators and also target men directly, BEN used its AI to source additional creators to reach these key engaged audiences. With content from top performers like caseyhl91, hannahg11, and mariaestella_xo, the resulting campaign for the BlendJet 2 drove over 8,000 sales in the first two weeks from the product’s launch, ultimately bringing in more than 28,000 purchases and generating $1.7 million in revenue.
BlendJet trusts BEN’s influencer expertise to drive success, whether to reach new audiences or to drive product releases—like an upcoming line of branded blenders through a partnership with Disney. BEN’s proven ability to drive performance and results has created a long-lasting partnership.


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