Last week, Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again broke the record for the most viewed YouTube video, edging out the defending champ, Psy’s Gangam style. With current viewership rates, the video should shortly pass 3 billion. With chart topping numbers like these, it comes as no surprise why entertainment marketers are sitting up and listening to how music video can augment their marketing mix.

The Power of Music Video Integration

The consistent reach of music videos continue to prove how influential and prolific they can be. Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, 14 music videos have surpassed the 2 billion views mark. Of the top 50 viewed YouTube videos of all time, 47 of them are music videos. The video for Despacito by Luis Fonsi was released in January of this year and is only a few hundred thousand views short of surpassing the viewership of ‘See You Again’. For comparison, the average Super Bowl gets 113M viewers.

According to the Nielsen Music U.S. Year-End Report, the music industry experienced steady and consistent growth in 2016, with overall volume up 3% over 2015. On-demand audio streams surpassed 250B streams in 2016, and overall on-demand streams (including video) have reached 431B.

No surprise that the demand for music content continues to grow exponentially. Since views now count towards the artist’s Billboard chart position, Artists’ are utilizing music videos to generate a larger online audience as well as accumulate viewership. Summed up – there is more music content and music viewers than ever before.

A New Frontier for Brand Integrations

Music remains a leading consumer passion point. Music videos create powerful emotional connections to a piece of content with a short 3-4 minute time commitment. With an average of 6-8 seconds of integration, a brand receives major exposure for each placement. Multiply that exposure by millions to billions of views and the value of a music video integration becomes apparent.

Quality and quantity of music videos are advancing to a point where artists need bigger budgets and additional amplification to make an impact. As a result, brand partnerships have become mutually beneficial, and artists are open to bigger brand integrations. Brands have the opportunity to not only financially endorse an artist, but build cache with their devoted audiences.

With the growth of music streaming, their video compliments have a larger presence and new importance within the music industry. Digital music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify are expanding their content repertoire to include music videos and music films. MTV is reviving it’s 90’s classic TRL (Total Request Live), the first major platform for consumption of music videos. A single brand integration has the opportunity to expand your reach beyond YouTube, into multiple channels that showcase music videos.

What made See You Again particularly powerful was its integration with the “Furious 7” movie. The movie and music video drove views to each other by combining disparate fans of the artists and the movie franchise. Combining fan bases is common practice in music. You can hardly find a hit single without featuring several artists. Developing synergy between your music video and entertainment integrations proves a powerful combination. Both Corona and Ford were featured in both Wiz Khalifia’s video and the Fate of the Furious movie.

A great example of the above was the collaboration between Ariana Grande and GUESS for the release of her Side to Side music video. It started with Ariana Grande and her dancers wearing the GUESS SS16 looks in the Side to Side music video (product integration). The video was then released exclusively on the GUESS website in conjunction with the performance of the song at the 2016 MTV VMA’s. Viewers also had the opportunity to purchase exclusive looks from the video through the GUESS website. To bring the collaboration full circle, GUESS sponsored the Republic Records VMA after party where they executed a ‘Side to Side’ themed activation within the party.

Music Video Integration in Action

From PitBull’s video with the Yanmar boats to Cadillac in Bruno Mar’s ‘24K Magic’ video, BEN has been executing music video integrations for years.

In April, Three Olives launched their “Find Otherness” campaign, celebrating those who believe a playful spirit of eccentricity makes life more exciting. BEN was tasked with finding unique ways to amplify this campaign through the different entertainment verticals we work in. We found an opportunity in DNCE’s new single “Kissing Strangers” ft. Nicki Minaj. Their individual style as well as the song about finding love in unique and unexpected places was the perfect reflection of Three Olive’s brand purpose.

The DNCE music video included an integration of 3 Olive Vodka.


Released in May, the video featured Three Olives in multiple placements with added amplification across DNCE’s social platforms, promoting the collaboration. BEN extended the partnership at Three Olive’s “Find Otherness” Coachella activation in Palm Springs with an appearance by the band. All promotions were cross promoted on band members’, DNCE’s, and Three Olive’s Channels.

With so many opportunities bubbling up, I am excited to see how the music industry evovles. We will continue to expand BEN’s music video integration programs and capabilities as we see more and more space for brands in the music entertainment landscape.