BEN Anniversary Video


It’s a great honor to announce that BEN has been named as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies! The media and entertainment landscape continues to transform at a rapid pace, and this award demonstrates how BEN has consistently adapted and maintained our market leadership.

I believe we owe our continued success to three factors:

First, we’ve aggressively focused our company on the high growth business of branded product integration. Before anyone else, we saw the spectacular adoption of ad-free viewing experiences in streaming and social video, so we put our stake in the ground on the premise that viewership trends would continue to move towards rapidly-emerging platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. This strategy has paid enormous dividends as brands increasingly seek to reach viewers on these new, ad-free environments, where product integration is the only game in town.

Second, we’ve differentiated ourselves defensibly from all our competitors. BEN’s long history in television and film product placement offers our clients unmatched Hollywood connectivity, including our highly successful partnership with the Producers Guild of America. Additionally, we’ve made large-scale strategic investments early to bolster our social media influencer offering and develop a proprietary technology platform to target, analyze, and measure brand integrations.

As a result – we’re the only end-to-end entertainment integration solution in the market. For the first time ever, BEN clients can seamlessly integrate into a Netflix or Amazon series, a Hollywood film, a YouTube influencer video, and track and measure all that integration activity on the BEN platform. Couple that with BEN’s impeccable client service, and our 95% client retention rate and strong new client growth comes as little surprise. We’re proud to work with many of the leading companies and marketing innovators around the world – BEN’s clients are the envy of any marketing services agency on a global basis.

Finally, and most importantly, we owe our success to BEN’s amazing people. As a fast-growing, global company, in a quickly-evolving industry…every single hire counts. Each BEN employee brings enormous talent and industry experience and is given responsibility to contribute to BEN’s success and drive our company forward. It is truly an honor to work with our nearly 150 BEN employees (a number that is growing quickly) around the world who demonstrate our values of accountability, passion and teamwork every single day. Thank you for your incredible energy and contributions. You inspire me!

We’re on a magical journey here at BEN and the Inc 5000 is a great tribute to the efforts and achievements we are making. This is our moment to celebrate together, and I can’t wait to see what we create next!

So, just like we close every BEN meeting with our familiar rallying cry, I do so here as well: