Big Game LVI

Brand Implications

The Super Bowl is always a big night in advertising, and this year’s ads highlighted the value of aligning with popular stories and celebrated characters. The game itself continues to be a premiere opportunity to capture a large live TV audience, but almost everything else about the landscape has changed. In order to create a lasting impact equal to a cost of these commercials, brands must now look to further align their marketing strategies with content audiences already love.

Here are two emerging ad trends on display in the 2022 Super Bowl.

BEN Takeaways


Many brands leaned into iconic characters and content to tell their stories. Recognizing that PayTV audiences are dwindling, they found new ways to engage with consumers by amplifying content integration through their ads:
Chevy recreated the classic Sopranos intro with the new Silverado EV paying homage to the original alignment and alluding to the upcoming reboot
Lays paid tribute to the iconic film duo of Seth Rogan + Paul Rudd inserting chips into memorable moments of their friendship
Salesforce gripped audiences with an ad starring Matthew McConaughey that looks like it could’ve been a trailer for Interstellar 2
GM brought back Dr. Evil as the new face of their “EVerybody In” campaign. The 90-second ad featured several characters and references to the Austin Powers film franchise.


T-Mobile tapped Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus to endorse their 5G service. In addition to multiple ad placements, both Parton and Cyrus posted the ad on their social channels. T-Mobile also released an official music video of Miley’s song “Do It For the Phones” on YouTube.
Coinbase aired a memorable ad with only a QR code bouncing across the screen for 30 seconds encouraging audiences to immediately interact with the brand on their mobile devices
Planters launched a Nut-Munching debate with their ad reuniting Community stars and asking audiences to join in on the conversation using the hashtag #PlantersAllorOne


A 30-second spot in the 2022 Super Bowl cost approximately $6.5 Million USD – up about 18% from 2021 pricing

With Super Bowl Ad prices continuing to rise YoY, brands want to be sure the investment is working for them before, during, and after the Big Game. Many brands are using the Super Bowl as a launch point for new marketing campaigns. They build anticipation with teaser spots on Instagram and social channels ahead of Sunday’s game and then use the same creative or celebrity alignment in advertisements and content throughout the year!

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