LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Branded Entertainment Network (BEN), which connects global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment, was awarded a Digiday Video Award in the Best Multi-Platform Video Campaign category for its work with Ubisoft on a live-action promotional video for the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division, which broke sales records at launch for the video game publisher. The Digiday Video Awards recognize the most outstanding and inspired work in branded digital video, video marketing and video advertising.

Written and produced by YouTube creators Corridor Digital, RocketJump and devinsupertramp, the first-of-its-kind promotional video brings the heroes, setting and personality of Tom Clancy’s The Division to life for gamers worldwide. BEN partnered with its team of influencers to create four videos to promote Tom Clancy’s The Division, with each short tailored creatively to match the participating creator’s unique style of content.

The shorts could be enjoyed in any order and each linked to the others, inviting viewers to binge the content and share their experience across social media. The videos, which were hosted on each content creator’s channels and Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, were combined to create a first-of-its-kind 30-minute promotional video hosted on Amazon Prime. Following the release of these videos, BEN also partnered with gaming influencers to create Twitch livestreams to encourage viewership leading up to launch day, helping to boost Tom Clancy’s The Division to the top featured game on Twitch.tv’s homepage after receiving millions of additional views.

“Our partnership with Ubisoft on Tom Clancy’s The Division solidifies the impact influencer marketing can have when leveraged in an authentic and creative way,” says Ricky Ray Buttler, EVP, Client Services at BEN. “At BEN, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships and industry knowledge. Because we understand and consider both brand and creator needs and processes, we are able to execute massively successful work.”

For more details on this campaign and to watch all influencer videos visit BEN’s case study page.