LOS ANGELES, CA – May 3, 2016– Corbis Entertainment, the world’s leading end-to-end solution for branded integration, celebrity content, and rights and music clearances, announced today that the company has been renamed to Branded Entertainment Network (BEN). The corporate rebranding reflects the evolution of the company, and its vision to connect global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment.

“We exclusively access and turn premium entertainment content into measurable advertising opportunities,” said CEO Gary Shenk, BEN. “BEN represents an overarching ability to connect global brands with the most popular shows, stars and icons across the entire entertainment spectrum whether it’s television, film or digital content. With the company’s rebranding and focus on entertainment, BEN has officially moved its headquarters to Los Angeles.”

The Branded Entertainment Network is comprised of three lines of business:

“The advertising landscape is going through a fundamental global change as consumers increasingly tune out of traditional ad-supported TV and block digital ads. Global marketers are seeking innovative and scalable solutions to capture consumer attention. Entertainment, with its power to hold eyeballs, is advertising’s next frontier and BEN — through its powerful mix of businesses — is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity,” said Shenk.

Brand Marketers Embrace Branded Integrations

According to an April 2016 survey among brand marketing and advertising professionals and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, 86 percent of respondents believe that branded integrations are an effective way to reach targeted audiences, and 88 percent believe that people are influenced by the brands they see represented in all content mediums.

Brand Marketers Are Moving Towards Non-Ad Supported Options

As consumers move towards viewing non-ad supported content, brand marketers have evolved their advertising strategies. 94 percent of respondents believe consumers are moving towards alternative non-ad supported options like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Showtime. Additionally, 95 percent feel it is important for brands to engage with digital influencers on YouTube and other digital properties.

Investing in Branded Integrations

When it comes to investing in branded integrations, 69 percent of respondents believe that branded integrations, such as product placements, are a growing business and 43 percent of respondents believe that it is very likely or likely that they will invest in branded integrations, such as product placements, over the course of the next year.