Set against the French Riviera, the BEN team found themselves in the presence of partners and friends such as Charles Roven (Producer of Suicide Squad, The Dark Knight Franchise, American Hustle), Damien Marchi (Global Head of Content at Havas Media Group), Jocelyn Egan (SVP, Discovery Solutions at Discovery Communications) during an interview with Campaign. After a week of inspirational panels and astute observations of the entertainment landscape, we continued the conversation on a boat – naturally, that’s what happens in Cannes, oui?

Media buying agencies, networks, and producers can all agree that times have changed. The traditional ad model that has tried to migrate over to digital platforms isn’t as successful as they may have hoped it would be. However, this group of individuals see the doors opening for brand integration as an opportunity to help elevate properties, create relevant content that speaks to brand messaging, and encourages agencies to plan ahead rather than being reactive in entertainment.

Product placement has evolved and true deep integration will allow brands and content creators to manifest successful projects that speak powerfully to audiences.

Please enjoy these interviews below for some perspective from all sides of the equation.